Nicole Lemelin with Bernard X Bovasso Cross Street Gallery, Saugerties NYnicole lemelin,lemelin,bernard x bovasso,bernard bovasso,bovasso,expressionist,artist,artist painter,art,fine art,romantic,sublime,abstract,images,painting,painters journey,imaginal realm,abstract,abstract painting,Palenville,abstract sublime,tdparts,american painters,viewer dialogue,creative process






Bernard X Bovasso

One of the many artists Nicole exhibites with in the New York region, Bovasso is a second generation Abstract Expressionist. One of the original members of the Taninger Gallery, he exhibited with Pollack, DeKooning, Joan Mitchell and Kline to name a few. Bovasso has authored several books; is also a poet, philosopher and was invited to Zurich in the early 1960's by C.G.Jung.

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